We have been joining Jesus in the mission of … helping people find their way back to God. What’s next? How will we take the next step by putting one foot forward? It will take each of us; it will take all of us.

God is calling us to step out into an Uncharted journey.

Uncharted Impact

As Grand Rapids grows southward, South Harbor is strategically located less than one mile from a rapidly growing M6 interchange. Since it was planted in 2010, South Harbor has become a regional church of influence in the area, growing to 1000 in average weekly attendance in its first five years. People attend South Harbor from neighborhoods all throughout the greater Grand Rapids area.

Uncharted Territory

As a regional church, South Harbor will dramatically increase its Kingdom impact in the neighborhoods we call home and expand ministry both locally and globally. Through a thriving, healthy, and intentional leadership culture, family on mission, new ministries, and deep missional impact, together we can see God move in even more powerful ways. By multiplying the impact of our Sunday gatherings and the incredible personal engagement of South Harbor people in local and global missional opportunities, we know that more and more people will find their way back to God.

Uncharted Influence

Since 2010, God has blessed our uncharted missional journeys. We’ve expanded into schools providing hope to hungry kids, seen individuals transformation evidenced in baptism, reached unchurched areas around the world through global church planting, sponsored hundreds of children worldwide, supported refugee families, and more. Through this uncharted generosity journey, God is inviting us to multiply that influence into a new uncharted territory.