Primary Goal | 100% Engagement

The Next Level of Surrender | What areas in our life still need to be surrendered? What are we holding back from the mission of Jesus and where do we need to relinquish control to Him?

The Next Level of Trust | What next step do we need to take, putting one foot in front of the other? What will move us away from our comfort zone and into a whole new experience of trust in Him?

The Next Level of Generosity | What next step on the generosity journey do we need to take in order to express our gratitude for what He has done for us?

Secondary Goal | Resourcing the Vision

We believe God is asking us to take the next big step on the generosity journey to resource that vision by focusing on three areas over the next two years.

Sending Center | Goal $2.5M

We will grow our capacity as a sending center to locally impact those close and far from God through a renovated and expanded facility. This will include new spaces to engage with one another; secure and consolidated areas for children, kids with special needs and for new parents; expanded redesigned worship space; a more inviting and hospitable lobby; regional learning center and increased parking.

Missional Engagement | Goal $2.25M

We were established as a sending center with a DNA of missional engagement and service to the community. We will expand that mission by sending disciples into our local communities to help people find their way back to God through missional communities and increased partnerships.

Partnerships | Goal $250,000

We will increase our engagement with mission partners locally and globally by 65% impacting church planting, child poverty, leadership development, and mercy towards the oppressed.

What’s Next?

Pray Intently | Pray that God will work in each of our hearts to listen and step out where He leads us on this generosity journey.

Commit Fully | Pursue together the goal of 100% engagement by putting one foot forward and encouraging others to do the same.

Celebrate Publicly | Share God’s movement enthusiastically with those around us as He continues to do amazing things in our lives during this season.

Give Generously | Live and give in a way that stretches us to take our faith to a whole new level of generosity.

As you pray about how God would ask you to give during this season, allow this gift chart to inspire and challenge you towards greater generosity as we continue on an Uncharted journey together.